"My training at a technical school in India was mostly about the skills nobody else has with the idea that this is competitive. Then I couldn't even create dashboards or present my data impressively. This teacher gives you all the in-demand features with examples to clarify your data in practical settings. Erol also puts in effort to send recordings and related files. May also consider accent training with him. Thanks!"
Anshul S.
tech, India
"Erol was one of my best instructors by far! He is very knowledgeable and approachable, and he wakes up at 530 every morning to teach me. This shows his determination to teach and his attitude to teaching well enough."
Hong Kong
"Erol is really nice and a great teacher. He understood what we needed to work on right away. I also like the software that he uses during his lessons, it makes it easier to understand where I'm mistaking pronunciation."
"Fantastic class. Erol knows exactly what needs correcting to improve. The program is well organized. Erol methodically goes through the lesson for me to understand and improve my accent. I recommend him."
Dr. Rex
"Great lesson on the Dative case and how it can look in different sentences and ways of being phrased, and the underlying theory of how it works. Learned new words and went over some dialogues. Erol is very professional, and his method is descriptive and calming. I appreciate he speaks in German and switches only when I need help understanding, because it helps train my listening skills. Looking forward the the next lesson."
Cindy B
"Erol takes great care to listen and go through the basics. His systematic and logical approach to teach a foreign language to a non-native speaker is really great. I feel that I am making progress, and Erol is making sure that I don't feel intimidated. I highly recommend him if someone is looking for German language classes."
faculty member
"Great instructor. I've been taking classes with Erol for a month, and I am very happy so far. He is genuinely interested in my progress. Erol uses some interesting audio apps in his classes that led me to understand the mistakes in my pronunciation. He was also flexible when I had to change a class schedule. Thanks Erol for your help!"
Agustin L
"Erol is a dedicating teacher. He uses many different tools and technology to effectively conduct his lessons. I'm happy to work with him. Highly recommended!"
Tech sector
"Erol has very structured approach and highly adaptable to student needs. I can see progress I am making and gaining more and more confidence. Excellent teacher. Recommend Erol highly enough."
"He seems to have a lot of experience in helping students reduce their accent. Unlike some instructors I've had in the past, he will ensure that the student's pronunciation is truly accurate before moving on to the next word. Moreover, his schedule is pretty flexible and he will provide a full length lesson even if there is delay."
"Even one day its not enough to say something , but anyway I have met the right person who at the first point showed me where I needed to improve and I loved how he was prepared and organized with the right materials. I would recommande at anybody to join Erol. Great Teacher. Best Instructor."
"I can not say he is the best instructor cause I didn't try another one. But certainly he is great. He is knowledgeable, articulate, his instruction is clear and have a very nice personality make his course interesting."
Accent Class
"Great analytical approach to accent reduction. I’ve taken 4 classes and I already feel a difference. Thanks"
"Great! Adapt to your needs, use clear audio examples and an audio software giving access to visual feedback on prononciations. The sessions are recorded so you can practice what you learn on your own."
Team from France
"Erol is helping me to get rid of my RRRRRussian accent! 🙂 Great professor. Very patient, very knowledgeable, tons of tools, emails you the recording of every session so you can practice on your own. And very affordable as compared to other Accent Reduction teachers."
Real Estate
"Erol was helpful and knowledgable on the concepts I needed to learn. I wanted to start classes earlier than he had for availability but he made it work and did 3 consecutive days like I wanted. There wasn't a rush on time and he was very flexible in order to make sure I understood the base concepts I needed, which were a few skills related to marketing reporting. Thanks Erol!"
MS Excel
"Erol was very patient and very professional. He went out of his way to make sure that I understood. Thank you Erol"
MS Excel
"If you need the basics of Excel, Erol is the professor for you!"
asian bhsht 3
MS Excel
"It is a fantastic experience. I am improving my accent. Erol is a very dedicated teacher. I will repeat again for sure!"
employee (2)
Intl. Projects

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