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German Pronunciation Masterclass

Speak German clearly, eliminate your accent and sound like a native with perfect German pronunciation
Ingo Depner
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Speak and sound like a native German speaker
Communicate with clarity, confidence and ease
Identify and get rid of bad pronunciation habits
Reduce problems caused by a foreign accent
  • Latest Update: November 2023

  • Join 3,500+ successful students who have already taken this course!

  • Instructor is available inside the course to answer questions promptly

  • Interactive speaking exercises with individual feedback from the instructor


Do you want to sound like a native German speaker?

If you speak German with a strong foreign accent, you’re making things difficult for people who listen to you. If understanding your German takes effort or your accent is unpleasant, people will avoid talking to you if they can.

Research shows that people making pronunciation mistakes and having strong accents are often perceived as less intelligent and less credible than they really are. This can significantly harm social interaction and affect their chances of professional success.

“This is probably the best German pronunciation class I have found to date. Well organized and easy to understand with great examples. Also sectioned well so you can go back and practice the more difficult areas. Thank you!”  – Kenneth Shelley

Good pronunciation is not just a “nice-to-have” skill

If you want to be able to communicate in German you need to have good German pronunciation. You can live without advanced vocabulary or complex grammar, just use simple words and simple grammar structures to convey your message. But there is no simple pronunciation. If you don’t have good pronunciation, you have bad pronunciation. And even if you’re on C1 level and make phonetic errors, you will be poorly understood.

“German Pronunciation Masterclass” is perfect if you want to:

  • eliminate your accent and sound just like a native German speaker

  • perfect your German pronunciation and be clearly understood

  • communicate successfully in business and life

  • speak German more confidently and effectively

“I’ve taken a few years of German courses in the past (high school and college) and I have NEVER learned these tricks for proper pronunciation before. I’m really enjoying the clear explanations and I feel like I’m finally sounding things out right!” – Jamie W

This is what you can expect:

  • Professional, fun and easy-to-understand lessons

  • Engaging exercises that let you perfect your German pronunciation

  • Individual feedback and prompt answers to your questions

  • A 30-day full refund guarantee, no questions asked

  • And last but not least… to speak German like a native!

So do you want Germans to think you’re local? Then sign up for this course and take your German pronunciation to the next level!

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German Pronunciation Masterclass


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