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Mission / Vision

About Us

Multiedsupport fills a niche within the education sector to spotlight the potential that otherwise would remain too elusive to foreground. We coordinate expertise and HR across cultural domains. The platform services education fields by elevating remote talents to the benefit of a diverse, global constituency.

Initially an interest from various education providers to optimize electronic learning tools, while minimizing carbon footprints and landfill quotas, the platform has at present become a discrete provider of business education and intelligent logistics for expert fulfillment of services.

Additional data-driven benchmarks eventually consolidated this concept  for innovative individuals across service sectors to tap into such assets. For instance, busy, hectic salespeople needed a brand from which to conference while traveling and demanded specific education experts who could balance tech, pedagogy, and global cultural competences.

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Education systems will often manifest an imbalance in their agenda and curricula despite access to research and resource in society. Therefore, Multiedsupport emerged as a liaison between facilitating technology and educational HR, creating optimal outcome platforms.
Moreover, Multiedsupport now has optimized delivery of diversified learning services, ranging from language, productivity software, to affordable technology solutions.

Students as consumers benefit from access to multimedia lesson materials (.mp3, .wav, .mp4, .pdf.) and allotment of cloud storage. Contractors often function equally in different roles across economic sectors to the extent of benefiting from a platform that consolidates their talent into new teaching tasks and journalistic materials.

Multi-Verse Education Support

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Lessons Delivery

Multiedsupport specializes in delivering and fulfilling a "multitude" of lessons that fill a gap or niche within the mainstream of subjects. Where you will find only "fill in the blank" exercises and templates elsewhere, Multiedsupport provides up-to-date research, interactivity, and digital resources. For instance, English and French are taught comparatively and within fun, short media vignettes. Accent-Reduction becomes vivid and meaningful through audio feedback and portfolio strategies.

Educational Facilitation and change management

Multiedsupport provides expert educational facilitators. They can maneuver and navigate technology, updates, and resources to achieve higher metrics of performance and satisfaction. For instance, a recent client benefited from sales strategies to outsource obsolete equipment to wholesale markets in a bid to update computing resources at the most optimal rate. with minimal impact upon revenue streams.

Networking and Talent Management

Multiedsupport can expedite and streamline freelancers' talent portfolios by offering efficient, contemporary online resources and tools for promotion, product management, networking, and for the development of critical expertise in teaching, media, and marketing fields. For instance, a freelancer or contractor benefited from access to LMS, as Moodle, a company email account, editing rights to a proprietary Youtube channel, and booking platform tools.

Academic Research and Support

Multiedsupport publishes and publicizes several academic journals related to user/product support for E-Learning, digital technologies for learning, and game-based strategies. Pivotal to optimal learning outcomes in Education are data-driven research scenarios to customize and configure game-based tools per user profiles and individualized prerequisites. In fact, we have become an innovator and leader in the vibrant field of Ecological E-Learning design around mixed methods research and student portfolios.

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