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Erol Gokcedag - Education Researcher at Multied

Erol Gokcedag, PhD.

Education Research & Journalism

A tech-inspired freelance PhD and education researcher, Gokcedag often enjoys favorable feedback for lesson delivery that connects contemporary tools to students' critical challenges. He grew up multilingually in Europe and United States, coordinating employment with educational perspectives to then provide a relevant learning experience for demanding clients. For instance, his background as a multimedia specialist often inspires creative content that delivers an edge over problems and tasks. Examples are interactive study guides and customized digital game elements. He has taught various English topics, including composition, accent-reduction, and creative writing, to diverse demographics: adult learners, special needs, K-12, industry teams, seniors, web conference users. Favorite global constituents represent Philippines and Brazil. He earned a Ph.D. in E-Learning and Education Technology Leadership and a BA in English from regionally accredited universities.

Ayotunde Cayman - Digital Marketer of Multied

Ayotunde Cayman

Business English, Digital Marketing

Cayman was an early advocate for an E-Learning project that could efficiently coordinate with the various, discreet companies he worked for, but that remained a separate venture specifically for enhancing engagement and productivity during online conferences. He studied business with an interest in digital, interactive sales strategies and concise business rhetoric for client relations. While he remains on the platform as a freelance consultant and coach, his priority has shifted toward his existing clientele.

Aubrey N Belen - Expert in Tagalog at Multied

Aubrey N Belen

Tagalog, Indonesion, Productivity

Aubrey N Belen is from the Republic of Philippines. There, she completed training programs for industrial relations and coordination of production workers, positioning her as an exemplary candidate for the coordinator of production workers and as an industry liaison. She demonstrates native proficiency with Tagalog and English and exhibits conversational skills in Indonesian and Cebuano. Belen’s role on the platform has been to coordinate and align products and services for optimal utilization and operationalization in those training-related fields.

Rosa Parks - Legal Liaison Officer in Multied

Rosa Parks

English, German, Legal Liaison

Ms. Rosa Parks maintains communication between internal and external legal constituents. She has been volunteering and contracting to prepare, review, and update legal documents and assist in the remediation of any disputes. Parks has been conducting legal research and providing such consultations. She has been instructing on such judicial matters pertaining to small and upstart businesses. Her emphasis in her practice is to ensure that constituents work smoothly in team environments, and that they can manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines.

Donovan M Gerardi - Web Development Consultant in Multied

Donovan M Gerardi

website development consultant and business data for logistics and maintenance

Gerardi has been conducting business intelligence research and data collection for strategic objectives. He has performed logistical and provisional tasks related to instantiating and training for the website development and task orientation. Gerardi enacts additional roles across service sectors for a portfolio of organizations who need similar asset deployment.

Blockchain Council
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