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3 Minute Tagalog Course: Fun, Fast and Easy!

Learn to speak Tagalog/Filipino you can use in everyday real-life situations - all in just 3 to 5 minute chunks or less!
Mary Pilar de Gorostiza
640 students enrolled
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Learn how to speak, read and write in Tagalog.
Learn the basics: Construct and build sentences! Learn proper Tagalog pronunciation. Learn how to pronounce ANY Tagalog word even without hearing it first!
Learn survival phrases and flirting words in Tagalog. Say your hobbies, interests and so much more!
Say your likes and dislikes
Answer Yes, No, Maybe questions
Greet anytime of the day afternoon or night
Know what to say and how to order when at a restaurant
Ask for directions
Learn how to ask questions in Tagalog
Learn possession words, how to say something is yours
How to say you like someone
Pronouns in Tagalog
Say your profession/job
Say which country you are from
Know left, right and straight ahead (directional words)
Ask where is the bathroom, exit, hotel, police station and other places
Say you want smoking or non-smoking area
Plural lesson
Say your hobbies, interests and so much more!

Welcome to The Ultimate Beginners Fast Track Tagalog Course: Fun and Easy!

Fast track your way to learning Tagalog!

This course is short and concise (2 total hours of videos and articles but high quality and jam-packed with valuable learnings)!

Currently rated 4.8 stars with almost 450 very satisfied students and with good reason!

Vocabulary can easily be found and sourced anywhere online, this course is different because it was designed to provide maximum value to you. This course will teach you not just vocabulary, but how to put all the vocabulary together and make sense of it! You will be taught how to construct sentences, grammar rules and common learner mistakes to avoid. This course will teach you how to read, speak and even write in Tagalog! You will learn how to pronounce ANY Tagalog word even without the need of hearing it first! This is guaranteed or your money back.

The instructor is a highly experienced language and communications trainer with several years of experience teaching Tagalog and English. She currently works as a Senior Associate for Google Operations Center Philippines.

Recent Student Reviews:

  • “Exceeded my expectations. Highly informative course! Not boring, easy to follow and I found myself learning fast! I could immediately apply what I learned in the first few minutes to my Filipino relatives and they were delighted and somewhat shocked at my Tagalog fluency. Other Tagalog courses I enrolled in were somewhat boring and it was hard for me to pay attention and focus, but this course is different.”

  • “Great course! So clear and easy to understand.. I love the videos and images, makes learning enjoyable and fun! 5 stars!”

  • “Wonderful, easy and useful! I also love the media and the lists of words for vocabulary. Would definitely recommend this course, as there’s very little information online for learning Tagalog. Thank you!”

Start your Tagalog learning the fun and fast way through our lessons presented in 3 to 5 minute chunks or less!

This course is perfect for beginners and also for those who already know some Tagalog. It is presented in a very clear manner that is easy to follow and covers a range of topics from greetings to hobbies.

At the first part it focuses on how to introduce yourself in Tagalog and say not just your name and where you are from but also your profession among others. Survival phrases are also included in this course which will help you get by in the most common situations like asking for directions in Tagalog and dining in and ordering at a restaurant. It also teaches how how to say you like or dislike something/someone in Tagalog.

It is made to be as engaging as possible with quizzes at the end to test your knowledge on each level. It has videos, pictures and lists of words and is fun and engaging to watch. You won’t regret signing up! More lessons will be added about tackling different topics when it comes to Tagalog absolutely for free!

What you will learn and be able to do after this course:

Give a long and complete introduction of yourself in Tagalog

Greetings (Morning, afternoon and night)

Say your name

Where you are from

Say your profession

Talk about your hobbies and likes

Talk about your dislikes

Proper pronunciation (basic and advanced)

Talk about your family

Introduce your family

Order at a restaurant

Phrases used at a restaurant

Phrases used while shopping

Get the bill

Talk about food

Describe people and things

Singular and Plural rules

Survival phrases

Ask questions

Learn common phrases and sentences used daily

Ask for directions

Build and construct basic sentences

Learn words and sentences useful for love, affection and flirting

Learn Tagalog adjectives

Learn Tagalog verbs and verb types

And so much more!

The Philippines is such a beautiful country with friendly and hospitable people. I am honored that you want to take the time and are interested in learning our language. I will add more lessons on Philippine slang, culture and basically any topic under the sun that you would like to discuss in Tagalog. Just feel free to send me a message to suggest!

Enroll now and start your Tagalog learning journey through this course, you will not regret it!

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How to say you like or dislike something or someone in Tagalog

All About Food Category (Nouns and Verbs)

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