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Advanced English Vocabulary

500 High-Level Words/Phrases to take your English to the NEXT LEVEL
Francis Carlisle: Last Minute English
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English [Auto]
500 Advanced English Vocabulary words and phrases
English listening and speaking skills through our specially designed course
2500 high-level English collocations to make your English more natural
2000 synonyms and antonyms to build your wider English vocabulary
500 example sentences to improve your English grammar

The Advanced English Vocabulary course will help you go from intermediate (B1-B2) English to advanced English (C1-C2).

It covers vocabulary for 50 different common English topics, from Advertising and Architecture to Weather and Work.

Student Reviews: 

★★★★★ “Great tutor with great lessons.” İbrahim Kurtulmuş

★★★★★ “Great course. Everything is perfectly refined, visible and explained. Thank You!” Wojciech Danielak

★★★★★ “This isn’t a Course This is A MASTERPIECE.” Ahmed Alnomery

Overall Course Rating: 4.74/5

This Advanced English Vocabulary course will help you: 

– Learn more English vocabulary

– Improve your English listening skills

– Improve your English conversation and English fluency skills

– Improve your English writing skills

Altogether, this course includes: 

18+ hours of video

500 high-level English vocabulary words/phrases

50 different common English speaking topics

2000+ synonyms and antonyms to build your English vocabulary

2500+ English vocabulary collocations

500 example sentences

Each topic includes: 

– 10 key advanced English vocabulary words/phrases

– The meaning of the English vocabulary word/phrase

– The word family for that English vocabulary word/phrase (verb, noun, adjective, adverb) so you know how to use it flexibly

– Synonyms of that English vocabulary word (words with the same meaning)

– Antonyms of that English vocabulary word (words with the opposite meaning)

– Collocations for that English vocabulary word (how it is normally used in English)

– An example sentence with the English vocabulary word, so you know how to use it in a real sentence

The 50 Topics: 

1. Advertising

2. Animals (wild)

3. Architecture

4. Art

5. Birthdays

6. Business

7. Children

8. Clothes

9. Communication

10. Cooking

11. Crime and Punishment

12. Culture

13. Daily Routine

14. Economy

15. Education

16. Employment

17. Entertainment

18. Environment

19. Ethics

20. Exercise

21. Family

22. Food and diet

23. Friendship

24. Geography

25. Globalisation

26. Government

27. Health (mental)

28. Health (physical)

29. Hometown/Cities

30. Housing

31. International Aid

32. Language

33. Love

34. Media & Fame

35. Money

36. Movies

37. Music

38. Nature

39. News

40. Personality

41. Pets

42. Shopping

43. Social Media

44. Space

45. Sports

46. Technology

47. Transport

48. Travel and Tourism

49. Weather

50. Work

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4.8 out of 5
666 Ratings

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Advanced English Vocabulary Teaching


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