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English Pronunciation Masterclass

Master the General American English Accent and Speak with CLARITY AND CONFIDENCE!
Master the Sounds of the General American English Accent: Learn the Consonants, Vowels, Clusters
Learn the Secrets of English Pronunciation: When Native Speakers Break the Rules!
Learn How to Better Understand Native English Speakers in Conversations
Master Pronunciation techniques based on Speech Language Pathology Methodology: Feel the articulators!
Learn Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Linking, Stress, Intonation, Reductions, & Contractions
Learn the Exceptions in English: Silent Sounds, Multiple Pronunciations, Dropping syllables
Avoid Wasting Time with Basic Intro Courses Watching Cartoon Characters Have Conversations. INSTEAD Learn the Physical Changes to Make to Your Articulators
Learn Proven Methods of Pronunciation From a Speech-Language Pathologist with 13 Years Experience. Don't Learn Articulation From a Real Estate Agent:)


  • Another repeat after me “shadow” technique program

  • Another program about English grammar and vocabulary…because YOUR goal is English pronunciation

  • A course taught to you by a teacher who has no speech and language training who experimented to come up with a method

  • A course filled with 50+ hours of people having conversations…you could’ve just watched TV

  • A basic English pronunciation course…NOPE, that’s definitely not this course!


  • Based on Speech-Language Pathology methodology using physiological kinesthetic approaches…BUT explained simply!

  • Focused extensively on PRONUNCIATION. That means, HOW English sounds are created with the mouth (articulators)

  • Taught to you by a speech-language pathologist using the most SIMPLE step-by-step instruction and practice

  • The most extensive practice of the English consonants, vowels, intonation, stress, phrasing, linking…and so much more!

  • Focused on teaching you how to master the General American English Accent


  • CONNECT with others so you can feel COMFORTABLE speaking English

  • Speak English with confidence and finally ENJOY conversations in English

  • Be understood when speaking English so you can be an EFFECTIVE communicator

  • Appear professional and POLISHED when speaking English at work and in social situations


  • On-demand VIDEOS for simple clear instruction! ($1,997 Value)

  • Downloadable AUDIO FILES: learn and practice anywhere, any time

  • Downloadable practice HANDOUTS to use how you want

  • FULL ACCESS on mobile, computer, and TV (PRICELESS)

THE “Nothing to Lose Everything to Gain” GUARANTEE!

Because you won’t know if it’s helpful if you never see it from the inside! You need to make a fully informed decision. Try it for 30 days. See the value and results first-hand then decide. If you’re not overwhelmingly impressed you get 100% of your money back no questions asked! See? That’s how confident we are that you will never want to give up these resources. They are that life changing!

Best case scenario: You improve your English exponentially and avoid wasting years of your life never getting results.

Worst case scenario: You tell me it’s terrible and you get 4 weeks of free training AND you get your money back, no questions asked!


“5 STARS!”

“WOW. BIG WOW! It’s the best course on Udemy. And I mean whole Udemy, pound for pound best. If you’re not native and struggle with your pronunciation, you can’t get anything better. Every letter, all combinations, hundreds of practical exercises. Everything explained with extreme detail. I am quite obtuse and even I learn from this course a lot and IT DOES HELP. I can’t recommend it enough, amazing stuff.”

Pawel B

“I feel like I improved so much since I first started this course. I love how Rebecca explains the content in a simple way. I feel more confident to speak and that I’m sounding clearer and more natural. Thank you Rebecca for this amazing course.”

Alice M

“This course is just phenomenal. Cover so much, for so little money. It should be definitely more expensive and I would be happy to pay more for such great comprehensive work. I am a foreigner, Polish, and was looking for a good program to improve my spoken English. I never imagined that I would find something as good. Amazing job. Thank You.”


“The academic and structured approach to presenting the material is remarkable. I also purchased another course, a shorter one from a different course creator. I can’t seem to go through it because, after this course, that one appears to be absolute chaos, causing nothing but headaches. Thank you! Hope to get more information from Rebecca!”

Svitlana M

“Just awesome. It changed my pronunciation.”

Md. Raihanul I

“Absolutely love this course. So much more value than I expected. I am learning a lot.”

Raluca Maria S

“Just three lessons into the course, but am already seeing value.”

Abdulhameed O”

“Rebecca’s pronunciation course is pure gold. She is a fantastic teacher that will guide you on how to master English pronunciation, which will improve your confidence and change your relationship with English. Instead of guessing, you will learn to identify the sounds and how to move your mouth, lips and tongue to get the proper pronunciation. Understanding the sounds will also improve your listening skills. I strongly recommend following Rebecca’s guidance to finesse your English skills.”

Sylvia A

“The best course you can find for pronunciation, I’ve learned in weeks things I never learned I’m years.”

Gedeòn H

“I find this course just awesome. Before I tried another course which disappointed me. Once I lost confidence in courses from Udemy but this course has changed my mind. It helps me a lot. Now I think my target to master American pronunciation is within easy reach. I think so far, there is no better course than this on this topic.”

Md. Mojahidul. I.

“I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to improve their pronunciation and American accent, it’s very informative., detailed and helpful, it’s definitely worth your time and money!”

Benomar. A.

And THOUSANDS of other students agree!


Module 1: How to Identify the basics of speech and where your problems stem from

If you know what your problems are, you know where to start. Once you understand the mystery of why your pronunciation is causing you trouble, you can exponentially change your speech with just a few adjustments. This means you can fix your own pronunciation issues with confidence and will no longer have to guess or rely on others for feedback.

Module 2: How to confidently pronounce all of the most used sounds in the North American English accent

If you can adjust the most used sounds, you will have the greatest impact in your pronunciation with the least amount of effort. This means you can be understood the first time you speak with others and feel confident you will know how to correct yourself when you are faced with any difficult word in English.

Module 3 : How to understand and utilize the “music” of English pronunciation to your benefit so you can speak fluently with impact.

If you can use the rules of emphasis, stress, and linking, you will become an effective and charismatic speaker. This means you will not only no longer need to repeat yourself, but you will begin to enjoy speaking English with others and your confidence will shine through.

I am so excited to share with you all of the secrets you’ve been waiting to use!

Important Consonants in English: V

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English Pronunciation Masterclass


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