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Moodle Administration Tutorial: Beginner, Intermediate Guide

Learn World Class Moodle LMS Admin, Configure, Theme, Manage Courses, Users, Permissions, Roles, Security, Plugins, Inst
Srikanth Shirodkar
6,480 students enrolled
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Create a fully functional Moodle Learning Management System from GROUND UP
Decide when to use Moodle as a solution. And when NOT to.
Install Moodle TEST/DEMO server on your own Windows Machine. Very similar for Linux machines also.
Apache, PHP, MySQL and Moodle tech stack installation included
Customize Moodle's blocks and Dashboards
Learn WHERE to find themes, WHICH to choose as best solution, HOW to install the selected theme
Build a high engagement Front Page for Moodle - using several plugins.
Manage Categories Hierarchy like a PRO
Create Courses - using different COURSE FORMATS. Detailed examples shown
Understand Moodles RBAC - Role Based Access Control mechanism. Understand Standard Roles and Permissions
User Management - Create users manually and bulk upload

Want to create and run a world-class online Learning Management System? Want to learn Moodle Administration trusted by 80 million users worldwide? Want a powerful skill on your resume?

Whatever your motivation to learn Moodle 3.0x Administration, you’ve come to the right place.

This course is the FIRST, most comprehensive, cost effective Moodle 3.0x Administration course on the entire web – or your money back.

COURSE UPDATE – 01-Nov-2017

  1. One-click Moodle installation over Softaculous – Webserver Installation (public)
  2. Two additional debug lessons added to Moodle installation section
  3. RESOURCES section updated with new content

is trusted by institutions and organizations large and small, including
Shell, London School of Economics, State University of New York,
Microsoft and the Open University.

Moodle’s worldwide numbers of
more than 65,000+ Institutions and 80 million users across both academic
and enterprise level usage makes it the world’s most widely used learning platform.

Master the World’s Most Popular Learning Management System – MOODLE ADMINISTRATION in this Comprehensive Course.

  • Learn the LATEST version – Moodle 3.0x – and stay miles AHEAD of the curve
  • Start from the very basics – this course makes no assumptions
  • Earn promotions with your new skills – Become indispensable in your institution
  • Learn how to install Moodle 3.0x on your Windows laptop – or just use
    Moodle’s powerful and full fledged DEMO site for all of your learning
    and experimentation
  • Learn to install Moodle on a hosting Webserver – One-click Softaculous install
  • LEARN TO LEVERAGE from thousands of FREE themes and plugins – learning activities, plagiarism, reporting, course formatting – and a whole lot more
  • Learn World Class Moodle LMS Admin, Configure, Theme, Manage Courses, Users, Permissions, Roles, Security, Plugins, Installation

Learn MOODLE 3.0x ADMINISTRATION to create Powerful Learning Experiences for your Learners

  • Any Device, Any Where – learn to create online classes that can be used on ANY device with a screen and learners can access from Anywhere
  • High Engagement with Social Tools – like the Discussion forum, WIKI, blogs
  • Save
    Hundreds of hours and Thousands of dollars – with automated tools such
    as bulk upload for students, courses etc
  • INSTANTLY change the entire look and feel with top class themes
  • Support FLIP
    classes, BLENDED learning or PURE online!! Whatever the game may be.

What am I going to get from this course?

  1. A step-by-step video tutorial starting from the absolute basics – all the way to advanced topics.
  2.  SIX hours of videos & lecture – over 64 separate lessons
  3. Countless hours saved with Moodle’s automation tools
  4. Respect of your Peers, Educators, Students, School Administrators
  5. A powerful and absolutely essential teaching tool that is indispensable in the future of education
  6. A lifetime access to this course – and all future updates, enhancements
  7. Very detailed instructions on how to
    install on a Windows computer (non-production usage)
  8. Tips,
    tricks, pitfalls and other points distilled from a lot of experience –
    these are distributed through out the course lessons

Basic & Important Decisions

Moodle Installation on WINDOWS DESKTOP / LAPTOP

A WARM WELCOME to Moodle 3.0

CUSTOMIZE the User Interface


ADVANCED User Interface Design

Managing Categories and Courses

User Enrolment into Moodle

Moodle 3.x Groups Administration

Understand Roles and Permissions

Moodle 3.0 SECURITY


RESOURCES for the Course

  • 58
    Moodle Softaculous Installation - Part 3 - FINAL INSTALLATION
    Video lesson

    During Softaculous installation

    a. Don't choose HTTPS protocol UNLESS you actually have purchased an SSL certificate and have it configured on your webserver

    b. Data Directory: I will not change the default name provided "moodledata". I recommend same to you. This is to ensure 

    c. Site name, description etc can be changed later - so don't worry too much on the installation trying to get the perfect lines for this. 

    d. Admin Password - minimum 7 characters, with atleast 1 capital letter, 1 small character, 1 number and 1 special character. This is how mine was set up. However, if you make any mistakes, you will be redirected back to change again. 

    e. Database name - keep this short.My setup had a 7 char limit.

    f. Table prefix - can be kept empty. If you DO use it, it is helpful to identify Moodle default created tables and tables added later by you or by different plugins. 

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