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New Capabilities in PLS Path Modeling

Learn about the most recent advances in features and capabilities available for performing PLS path modeling estimation.
Geoffrey Hubona, Ph.D.
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Students will learn about recent advances in estimating PLS path models.
Students will learn about the PLS algorithm, about consistent PLS, and about adding non-linear terms to a PLS model.
Students will understand how to perform multi-group analysis (MGA) with any number of groups.
Students will learn how to discover sources of heterogeneity using FIMIX, PLS-POS and PLS-GAS.
Students will learn how to accurately estimate direct, indirect, and total effects, especially in the presence of complex mediating and moderating influences.
Students will learn new ways to perform bootstrapping, jackknifing, and blindfolding resampling approaches.
Students will learn new ways to visualize relationships in PLS path models.

Over the past several years, a significant number of new PLS path modeling (PLS-PM) approaches, techniques, and capabilities have been published in the leading academic and scientific journals. As a methodological field, variance-based path modeling with latent variables has witnessed more new, published technological advancements and developments than in the preceding two decades.

This 7-session course teaches many of these new concepts and how to specify and model them with various PLS path modeling softwares available today. All of the demonstrated softwares, some as trial versions, are freely available to use as of the publication date of this Udemy course. Use the convenient new over-the-Internet PLS-GUI “Software as a Service” (SaaS) path modeling software platform with the capability to perform PLS-PM from any computer in the world using only a browser. Securely access, upload and/or download, and reliably estimate your PLS data files and/or modify and manipulate your PLS project and model files from any computer in the world. In addition to providing the convenience and speed of using the PLS-GUI SaaS platform, the workshop also instructs with respect to using the new ADANCO composite modeling PLS software which participants may install on their Windows or Mac computer.

This is a “hands-on” course which explains the basis of many new PLS path modeling estimation capabilities and features, and which then proceeds to demonstrate numerous examples of these new capabilities and features using various PLS path modeling packages. All of the demonstrated software, some as trial versions, are freely available to use as of the publication date of this course. 

New PLS-PM capabilities and features which are explained and demonstrated include consistent PLS and non-linear PLS algorithm estimation, N-group multi-group analysis (MGA), prediction-oriented segmentation (PLS-POS) and genetic-algorithm segmentation (PLS-GAS), and new visualizations for illustrating latent variable and measurement item relationships. New approaches and techniques for estimating complex mediating and moderating relationships are explained and demonstrated. Also covered are a variety of new resampling techniques applicable to PLS-PM with bootstrapping, jackknifing, and blindfolding.

It is useful, but not essential, to have some knowledge of PLS path modeling before you take this course. However, even novice PLS path modelers will benefit from the course’s content.

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