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Supporting LGBTQ (now LGBTQIA+) Colleagues In The Workplace

A Human Resources guide to Inclusion And Diversity (DEI) efforts for the LGBTQAI+ community, and becoming an ally
Alex Genadinik
200 students enrolled
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Diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace
What not to do in the workplace
How to support LGBTQ (now LGBTQIA+) Employees in the Workplace
Important Anti-Discrimination Legislation to be Aware of
Ways to increase inclusion and diversity in the workplace
Give a boost to your DEI efforts at work

Support your LGBTQAI+ colleagues, and increase warmth, kindness, and support throughout your entire organization while making your organization a great place to work!

Plus, diversity will allow you to hire from a wider pool of great candidates, which will help you attract and retain better professional talent, and that will help you increase your company’s growth in the short and the long term.


In this course, Alex Genadinik partnered with Robert Wechsler to create the best course possible.

Alex is a veteran Udemy instructor with 10+ years of experience teaching on Udemy.

Robert is an HR professional, currently working in the industry.

Together, we teamed up to bring you Robert’s passion for LGBTQAI+ allyship, and Alex’s help with video, audio, speech delivery, and course creation skills.

Over time, we will continue to add and improve this course. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or requests for additional content or tips.


Large and small companies have over the years come up with standard practices that show that they support the LGBTQAI+ community. While we bring that to you in this course, we delve into the topic deeper by offering additional strategies, tips, and language you can use that shows true support rather than basic political correctness.


You’ll learn about allyship groups, how to run them, and how to set them up at your company. You’ll learn how to use modern language that isn’t offensive, but rather shows support. You’ll learn to confidently define the LGBTQAI+ acronym.

You will also learn what to do if you overhear derogatory comments made by co-workers, and you’ll learn about how to handle such situations ranging from confronting those individuals to reporting them to HR.

You will also learn about relevant US laws related to Diversity And Inclusion (DEI).

DISCLAIMER: The legal part of the course is based on US laws. But the general principles may be applied worldwide. Of course, different countries have very different approaches to some of the issues presented in this course, so please use your best discretion when applying it to your unique workplace.

Invest in the long-term well-being of your workplace! Enroll in the course today!

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Thinking about inclusion and exclusion

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