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Multi-Verse Education Support

Multiedsupport fills a niche within the education sector to spotlight the potential that otherwise would remain too elusive to foreground. We coordinate expertise and HR across cultural domains. The platform services education fields by elevating remote talents to the benefit of a diverse, global constituency. 


Multi-Verse Education Support

Get the Education that Grows with You and Surrounds you with Quality!

Growth is You and the Support of the Multi-Verse!

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Lessons Delivery

Multiedsupport specializes in delivering and fulfilling a "multitude" of lessons that fill a gap or niche within the mainstream of subjects. Where you will find only "fill in the blank" exercises and templates elsewhere, Multiedsupport provides up-to-date research, interactivity, and digital resources. For instance, English and French are taught comparatively and within fun, short media vignettes. Accent-Reduction becomes vivid and meaningful through audio feedback and portfolio strategies.

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Educational Facilitation and change management

Multiedsupport provides expert educational facilitators. They can maneuver and navigate technology, updates, and resources to achieve higher metrics of performance and satisfaction. For instance, a recent client benefited from sales strategies to outsource obsolete equipment to wholesale markets in a bid to update computing resources at the most optimal rate. with minimal impact upon revenue streams.

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Networking and Talent Management

Multiedsupport can expedite and streamline freelancers' talent portfolios by offering efficient, contemporary online resources and tools for promotion, product management, networking, and for the development of critical expertise in teaching, media, and marketing fields. For instance, a freelancer or contractor benefited from access to LMS, as Moodle, a company email account, editing rights to a proprietary Youtube channel, and booking platform tools.

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Academic Research and Support

Multiedsupport publishes and publicizes several academic journals related to user/product support for E-Learning, digital technologies for learning, and game-based strategies. Pivotal to optimal learning outcomes in Education are data-driven research scenarios to customize and configure game-based tools per user profiles and individualized prerequisites. In fact, we have become an innovator and leader in the vibrant field of Ecological E-Learning design around mixed methods research and student portfolios.

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Multi-Verse Education Support

Because Education is All Around You!

Erol Goceda., PhD

Education Research & Journalism

editorial services, education research, award-winning accent/voice training

Ayotunde Cayman

Business English, Digital Marketing

Business English, sales strategies, digital marketing concepts, career coaching skills,

Aubrey N Belen

Tagalog, Indonesion, Productivity

Tagalog, Indonesian, industry liaison, organizational climate/culture 

Rosa Parks

English, German, Legal Liaison

French, German, industry/legal liaison

D.M. Gerardi

website development consultant and business data for logistics and maintenance


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Your Talent Profile Here

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Get the education that surrounds you with Quality!


The Education Service that is all about stimulating your vast nature to learn!

You already have the potential and talent. Now you just need to discover and expore!

Multi-Verse Education Support

Education without boundaries or limits!


Education Facilitation, Training, Coaching & Consultations

• We cover diverse delivery methods, formats and interests: one-on-one, group, or entire classroom • Substitute teaching, web-conferences, Zoom meetings, and game-based/gamification modalities • Customizable learning and training programs across demographic criteria: K-12, charter, and seniors

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Connect to Online Resources and Develop your Expertise

• E-Learning/digital game-based modalities are integral to the ethos and platform. Students benefit from prioritization of their independent learning and instrumental thinking. • We have conducted extensive research and have been publishing on these and related education fulfillment strategies.

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Network, Promote, and Manage your Talent

Present your profile across social channels and benefit from internal promotions, performance incentives, and feature upgrades. Clients benefit from service providers who are digital content and multimedia specialists. Students on the platform can network and team-build across instructors and between/among their constituency.


Diverse clients and constituents speak favorably of our products and services

Erol is fantastic! He carefully listens to your pronunciation and makes suggestions. He is very patient with you! The technology that he uses to identify your accent divergence is Super helpful.
Kathy Kazemi
My training at a technical school in India was mostly about the skills nobody else has with the idea that this is competitive. Then I couldn't even create dashboards or present my data impressively. The service gives you all the in-demand features with examples to clarify your data in practical settings.
Anshul S
tech sector
Love working with Erol! He is patient and he has the tools and the knowledge to help me make progress with my pronunciation. I definitely recommend him !
Cosmo Bolos
appliance sales
Recommended. Erol is a very flexible teacher. He adapted the curricula to fit my needs since I wanted to practice a specific vocabulary for my job interviews. Also, he was OK with switching to different software so we could work on Mac
Agustin Luque
I have really benefited from the multiple resources made available by Dr Erol. He is very supportive and encouraging. My skill has really improved as I continue my lessons with him. Really being a pleasure
Titilayo Kazeem
I have been studying with Dr. Erol Goceda for more than 2 years. I have made significant improvement in accent. Dr. Goceda has developed his own program, customized for each student. He uses audio program GoldWave to analyze my pronunciation, pointing out where the issue is. Each class is recorded and I can replay it later to practice myself. In the last 2 years, he has been always punctual. It's also very convinient to make or reschedule a class. I'd highly recommend Dr. Goceda to everyone who wants to improve his/her accent.
Tu Truong
tech sector
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