CATEGORY: English Courses

Access to Accent Assets (Accent-Reduction for North American English)

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview
Favorably and extensively reviewed and proven to be effective by students, the accent-reduction and/or speech synthesis program developed from dissertation research using multi-media methods. Instructors have practiced extensively at libraries, web-conferences, and language schools. The emphasis is on an ecological approximation of the various sounds, rhythms, inflections, and patterns the spoken language integrates. The goal is to develop a balanced, systematic voice/accent portfolio/blueprint based on lesson/MP3 recordings using digital audio monitoring software.
Students obtain a repository of audio files during each lesson to be used for actively evaluating individual expression while waiting in line, traffic, and during breaks. The course is configurable according to the following respective or interchangeable options:
1. Study with instructor asynchronously by sending those individually collected assets to the instructor via email or cloud link for feedback, revision suggestions, and customization of additional samples to further upgrade accent acquisition. This may also include written feedback related to specific samples and cue points or benchmarks of the transmitted samples in Goldwave or Wavepad for insight into necessary optimization. This option does not require any formal lesson or meeting.
2. Study with instructor in real-time via meeting app to collect and cultivate accent and voice recording assets using the same and considerably more upgrade tools and resources. 3. Study more per lecture and presentation than active practice and collection of accent assets in a portfolio: this option or track covers and surveys a wide, varied inventory of topics The course encompasses over 135 pdf and word files, along with multimedia items, to be surveyed. Each option will require some degree of independent study with the video assets, the omni-phrase guide, the default audio files, and the collection of individualized samples with the software, comparing, contrasting, and upgrading the recordings of voice and accent.
Study with instructor in online meetings or individually by sending files via email or cloud link for feedback, revision suggestions, and customization of additional samples to further upgrade your accent portfolio. Regardless of the option you choose, you will spend your time and resource wisely surrounding your accent goal with optimal strategies and tools.

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