CATEGORY: English Courses

Dynamic English Topics using Multimedia and Digital Resources

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

The emphasis is on a dialogue-driven, media-enriched, and customized endeavor for the language to map a common ground and to become acclimated. Course depends on a curriculum to address frequently requested topics, as

family, travel, outdoor, seasons, and custom topics for an optimal lesson experience.

 Intelligible and transparent learning are key to avoid frustration and intimidation. Instructors use extensive examples and visuals that are readily available.

The goal is to address critical, daunting issues that often derail students’ track toward their business relations, essay, script writing, accent issue, conversation or any related English challenge.

Instructors use a customized, configurable curriculum addressing frequently requested themes, as creativity, personal style, grammar, punctuation, diction, syntax, and idea-generation.

Furthermore, students have favorably reviewed the unique usage of audio monitoring software during online lessons to help approximate accent issues between different languages.

Students obtain a repository of audio files during each lesson to be used for actively evaluating individual expression while waiting in line, traffic, and during breaks. The multimedia approach that coordinates sound, visual, and

online resource, as Ted Talks, Breaking News English, and Google Earth, connects to the global, international significance of the language.

Instructors are expert facilitators for diverse age levels, as children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. They have years of experience teaching ESL/English at public and private educational settings, including private school,

university, library, and online web-conference.

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