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Step by Step Guide to Master the American Accent! Taught by Expert AWARD WINNING BROADWAY VOICE COACH
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Speak American English clearly and confidently
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How to speak American English dynamically and with intention
How to master the American Accent

As an Award Winning Broadway Credited Voice Coach for nearly  20 years,  I always found it fascinating when my foreign students would be able to sing a standard American song with NO accent. Somehow, singing completely eliminated their accent. Since that discovery, I have created a proven, groundbreaking, easy to understand, result oriented approach to reduce, and in some cases eliminate the foreign accent completely (don’t worry, it doesn’t involve you singing LOL!).

Welcome to the AMERICAN ENGLISH PRONUNCIATION: Accent Reduction Made Easy GYM! The ONLY way we can master the American Accent with flued American English Conversation and Pronunciation  is to retrain our tongue and soft palette muscles to create these American English pronunciation sounds and rhythms that your body is just not used to making.  I will be providing you with specific exercises focusing on the sound and feel of specific American English conversation “Targeted” sounds and how they link to each and every consonant.   In addition, I will  share specific singing techniques to help create reliable muscle memory that you can call upon instantly.  This technique has helped so may of my accent reduction students master the American Accent a lot faster. 

By the end of this course you would have gone through every possible combination of sounds.  There will be nothing you will come across that we haven’t covered in your practice.  Our goal is to make sure these improvements are retained, so you can call upon them when you need them.  That will involve practicing on your end.  If you commit to the practice exercises you will improve your American English Pronunciation skills much more rapidly.  

Take the first step to propel your career to the next level together!

iD Tech summer camp reviews
iD Tech summer camp reviews

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