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Basic Filipino Grammar: English Explanation

Learn the basic strategies and techniques in Filipino-Tagalog Grammar
Rachel Joy Gabato
83 students enrolled
Learn about the basic Filipino sentence structure.
Learn the basic strategies and technics to construct sentence in filipino.
Learn the easiest way of constructing the right sentences in Filipino.
Learn to speak about 10 different filipino words and sentences daily.
Upgrade your speaking, listening, and writing with better Filipino grammar.
Filipino Grammar General Rules: Roots and Affixes
How to Introduce Yourself Using the Filipino Language
Filipino Words with Opposite Meanings
Directions in Filipino / know where to go
Ways of Translating in Filipino / Mga Paraan ng Pagsasalin
Ride a Jeepney in PH | Learn the culture of filipinos means of transportation

Learn Basic Filipino-Tagalog Grammar: English Explanation

Are you ready to learn the Filipino language? Are you tired of learning the same simple topics and never really getting better at Filipino speaking or Filipino grammar? This course will fix all those problems. This will be my first learning Filipino language course at Udemy and the first Udemy Filipino course offered.

The Basic Filipino Grammar: English Explanation course covers all areas of Filipino learning. Filipino grammar, Filipino speaking, and Filipino writing (punctuation). There are over 5 hours and 53 minutes of video lessons, hundreds of examples and practice problems, and full-length PPTs.

This course is HUGE. Basically 15 courses in 1.

Filipino Grammar Section: Over 15 different Filipino grammar topics. No other course covers as many Filipino Grammar topics. Full video lessons and conversations showing you the Filipino grammar in use. You will learn it easier by practicing it with video materials. Hundred of practice problems and examples. Full-length PPTs and videos to download for offline learning.

Filipino Speaking Section: Learn to speak like a native Filipino speaker. Learn how to talk about 15 different topics. Learn hundreds of new Filipino vocabulary, verbs, and phrases. Improve your accent and gain confidence while speaking the Filipino language.

Filipino Writing Section: Learn the grammar behind Filipino sentences and their different structures. Master all Filipino punctuation marks so you can write better and more professionally. Hundreds of examples and writing practice problems. Full-length PPTs and video lessons.

After using this course, you will achieve your dream to become more proficient in practicing the Filipino language. You will sound more professional at talking with any Filipino native speaker and may even get to meet new Filipino friends if you want. You will impress people with your new advanced Filipino level. Your Filipino grammar, Filipino speaking, and Filipino writing will all improve. You will develop a Filipino accent and sound fluently.

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How to Introduce Yourself Using the Filipino Language

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5 out of 5
14 Ratings

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Learn Basic Filipino Grammar


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