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Business English and employment skills for the world of work

Real English and the sorts of issues you may encounter in your career.
Jonathan M
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This Course gives students the practical training they need to bridge the gap between the classroom and the world of work.
The Business english course provides many suggestions and alternative ways to use the material for those students already in work.
Students acquire functional language and practice all the skills, including writing, grammar and pronunciation.
How to better communicate in an english speaking workplace.

Students acquire functional language and practice all the skills, including writing, grammar and pronunciation.

The task-based approach incorporates presentation and practice, with a lot of communicative pair and group tasks and projects.

There are multiple opportunities for writing practice across all the lessons, with a full writing lesson in each unit.

Real life business content

Authentic video content introduces unit topics, exposing students to real English and the sorts of issues they may encounter in their careers.

Financial Times articles provide reading practice to build on the topics discussed in the videos, further exposing students to authentic English.

Students work on case studies that allow them to practice their business and communication skills in realistic professional contexts.

Building communicative and business skills

The course builds two sets of skills – communication and practical business skills – which students practice together in the business workshop case studies.

Practical skills training includes negotiating, presenting, building relationships and small talk.

An innovative video-based training program helps build the communication skills, including supporting teamwork, listening actively, collaborating, solving problems, and influencing.


The authentic video content features real-life business stories, providing information and key language relating to business topics.

The dramatized videos of real work situations feature a range of accents and demonstrate dealing with professional challenges to help students develop communication skills, such as influencing and listening actively.

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Development of employment skills


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