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Moodle developer course for beginners

Install moodle and build your first plugins by writing PHP!
Kristian Ringer
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In this course, you will learn the basics of moodle. The official documentation is pretty hard to follow and I take us through the most important parts of it.

This course will greatly accelerate your initial learning phase with Moodle, with real tips and tricks I use having worked in the Moodle developer industry for over 3 years.

You will learn how to:

  • Install Moodle, apache, mysql, PHP

  • Use the command line to run moodle scripts

  • Use SQL to alter data directly

  • Learn the Moodle directory/plugin structure

  • Create a block plugin, with settings to alter its behaviour

  • Create a custom theme based off boost, with custom css

  • Learn about overriding templates and creating our own templates

  • Learn how to override a renderer

  • Create a local plugin to display dynamic notifications to the user

  • Create new moodle pages

  • Create custom forms that users can submit. Process and store that data in custom database tables.

  • Create a web service (external function to interface with our plugin) that can delete messages using AJAX requests.

  • Create a modal popup confirm dialogue window

  • Create a new capability and add it to a role

I also go into depth about each action taken and include explanations of various parts of the codebase.

If that sounds useful, I look forward to seeing you around in the course!

Feel free to drop comments/questions and I will do my best to help you out.

All the code is available on Github and links will be shown throughout the course.

Moodle overview - what makes up a moodle site?

Moodle developer tutorial - creating a simple block plugin

Moodle theme development tutorial

Moodle plugin development tutorial - build a local plugin!

Miscellaneous setup videos

How to handle permissions, roles, and capabilities in moodle

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Moodle developer course for beginners


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